Please help.. Accidentally bought 5 copies (still in trial)

Hi there,

I recently discovered GlassWire, it has great features and gives me a sense of control of my own internet connections, which is really something I need.

However, I accidentally chose the 5-copy plan, which is not suitable for me at all - I only own 2 windows devices, and 1 out of these 2 is a relatively old laptop that I do not plan to run this software on.

It is suggested on the official website that new users who are not subscribed to the legacy plans are supposed to cancel the autorenew function in the management console. I tried all things I could click on in the management console but could not find that for me. I am still in the 7-day-trial and I did not click the “confirm plan” on my windows GlassWare application, but there is no way to cancel the upcoming subscription. (I have not been charged yet).

Please let me know if there is a way to cancel this 5 device plan - 1 device is perfect for me.

Thank you guys in advance for your help!!

Please can you drop an email to They should be able to solve it quickly