Please make GlassWire UWP


I want to download GlassWire at Windows Store.
Can you make GlassWire program as UWP(Universal Windows Program)?
For security, UWP is very important.
Please help me.


FYI, GlassWire’s user interface is built using the Qt application framework as stated in the post below. This means that any move to a Universal Windows Platform will require a migration away from Qt. I doubt that the GlassWire team will do this.


Thanks for your kind reply.
Now glasswire do not support Windows 10s.
I think that for windows 10s, Glasswire team must support UWP.


Yes, for Windows 10 S, GlassWire would have to become a Windows Store app. But Windows 10 S has barely any market penetration. At present Windows 10 S is only available on twelve out of 562 models of laptop available from retailers in my country and six of those models are in the Microsoft Surface range.

@Ken_GlassWire, have you given any consideration to supporting Windows 10 S?



We have talked about it but have not made any decisions yet. The Mac app store has kind of died, so we’re curious to see if the Microsoft store will also suffer a similar fate.


I don’t see the Microsoft store issue as very relevant. Microsoft will keep this distribution channel or something like it for their own purposes. Just like Apple does with theirs. So I don’t think the store issue is anywhere near the most important issue for deciding to go with UWP.

I’m part of a development team who are developing a UWP app over several years in our spare time. We’re in no hurry to complete it because we believed that Microsoft would be increasing the levels of integration in the IDE and across the platforms, i.e. to Android and iOS. The longer we wait then the less work we have to do as better integration makes it easier to implement cross-platform applications.

The problem is that the best benefits only start with Windows 10. That is not a problem for our app because most users will be on mobile phones which are easier to keep up-to-date. As I see it, the problem for GlassWire is that so many of its users will continue to be slow to move past Windows XP, 7, and even 8.


Thank you very much.
I understand.


I think it’s possible to add desktop applications to the Windows store, but perhaps I’m mistaken?


Ah, I understand now. The topic started with two requests and you’re talking about only doing the first but not the second:

  1. Sell GlassWire from the Windows Store

    [quote=“peace1019, post:1, topic:7332”]
    I want to download GlassWire at Windows Store.

  2. Develop GlassWire as a UWP app.

    [quote=“peace1019, post:1, topic:7332”]
    Can you make GlassWire program as UWP(Universal Windows Program)?
    For security, UWP is very important.

So you’re only talking about packaging desktop GlassWire for the UWP to sell it in the Microsoft Store. The additional UWP security won’t t apply because the packaged desktop app will run in “full-trust user mode”.



Yes, you are correct about that. Thank you!


I would like to see GlassWire packaged as a desktop app for the Microsoft Store (don’t care about UWP myself). Mainly because this gives us a secure way to receive automatic updates, and as far as I know, packaging a desktop program is relatively simple in most cases. Also I assume this would already be the case if you did it, but I would want keys purchased from your site or through steam to still work on the Microsoft Store version.


Thank you very much!!!