Poor Firewall Features for Paid Software

I’ve been reading all the suggestions in the forum and they seem to be getting ignored.

Basic features like clearing Firewal entries, Geo-Blocking and Scheduler for Profiles/Firewall Modes don’t exist not for Free, not on Premium. Glasswire Firewall Profiles are a “bad joke” since they have no options to customize them! You should ask you’re dev team what are they for?

It’s very disappointing that a paid security software such as Glasswire, has so little options to tweak security on the firewall. The software has an incredible intuitive interface, I’ll give you that one. That is what brought me to it in the first place. But soon i realize it’s not worth to pay for Premium subscription when you don’t have advanced features, as other users have been asking for years now.

If this totally basic features are not implemented at least on the premium subscription, I’m not going to renew my subscription next year.


Yep, I’ve been a customer for 5.5 years waiting for some of this basic stuff.
I dream of the ability to correctly handle software version upgrades and manage old firewall entries.
In the past 6 months we’ve only had minor UI tweaks. Devs must be sat on a beach sipping cocktails.


I second that, Geo-Blocking would be excellent feature,
very much needed!
Can you please talk to the team about this?
Or is it coming soon with an update.
Thank you

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Also waiting for entry cleaning and Geo-Blocking, would love to see new features for the firewall :slight_smile:

Hello @daniellerias

Thank you for taking the time to share your honest feedback with us. We understand your concerns regarding the need for enhanced functionality within Glasswire, and we appreciate your suggestions for improvements such as clearing firewall entries, implementing geo-blocking, and scheduling for profiles/firewall modes.

We strive to listen carefully to our community, and your input is crucial to us. I want to assure you that we are continually working to improve our software to better meet the needs of our users. While some features take longer than others to develop and implement, due to technical challenges and prioritization in our development pipeline, we are actively exploring ways to expand our feature set, especially those that you mentioned.

We are committed to enhancing our product in ways that will provide significant value to our users. Please stay tuned for upcoming updates, and feel free to reach out to us directly with any more insights or requests you might have.