Pop-up removal removal

I love GlassWire’s ability to sniff out unwanted activity. However, that statement goes a lot further if YOU ARE not the unwanted activity.

I bought this program years ago. Logged in, signed up, upgraded, all the bells and whistles. Once the “need to update” messages started coming in, they haven’t stopped. I am not even recognized as a registered user in the adverts. Some random message, very fucking often mind you, is encouraging me to upgrade when I already own the program.

Anyone else recognize how annoying this “paid” program is?

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Sorry for the issue.

When purchasing GlassWire the order website will show you something called an activation code along with instructions on how to upgrade to our paid version.

You’ll also receive the code, and instructions via email.

You should get your activation code, then go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “activate” then paste in your code. Now you have a paid version of GlassWire, not the free version.

If you are saying our paid software asks people to upgrade over and over after they have already upgraded that is incorrect.

Please also note you can go to our top left menu and choose “Snooze” to not receive any alerts at all while gaming, doing presentations, etc…

I have bought Pro less than 2 weeks ago and I have already been disturbed by ‘Upgrade to Elite’ pop-up.


Do you have a one-time original key or a subscription? I found no subscription orders for you in our system so I think it must be an original order?

For our original customers we offer an Elite option one time, but never again. If it appears again please email me with a screenshot.

We will also consider no longer giving our original one time fee Basic/Pro customers special offers anymore. Thanks for your feedback.

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Hey Ken,

Keep up the good work, hope you and the team are doing well :slight_smile:

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Oh, I get the point, mr. Ken.
Yes I have bought the Pro, for 3 computers.
I’m using two until now.
You’re right, I think I saw it just one time…