Popup dialogue location covered by Windows notifications

Hi there, I wonder if the popup dialogue of a firewall permission/blocking prompt could be dragged to move away from the right bottom where the Windows notifications are always blocking it so annoyingly?

However, in many cases, firewall permission/blocking prompts are designed to appear in a specific location on the screen, and users may not have the option to move them. This is often done to ensure that important security notifications are not easily dismissed or ignored.

If you are experiencing issues with the placement of firewall prompts and find them obstructed by Windows notifications, you may want to check for updates to your firewall software. Software updates often include improvements, bug fixes, and new features, and the ability to move notifications could be addressed in a later version.

Mmm… Well, may I confirm that you are not talking about Glasswire? My mentioning about the popup dialogue is from Glasswire.