Possible incompatibility with Networx


I use the freeware Networx to monitor network traffic. It gives me a nice little graph in my taskbar and can monitor router ports, making it extremely useful.

But after a few hours of running Networx and Glasswire at the same time, I noticed that Glasswire service was starting to use a lot of CPU. At the same time, I discovered Networx was using a large (and increasing) amount of memory.

Restarting Glasswire and Networx brought things back to normal.

Is there perhaps an incompatibility between these two programs?



I have never used Networx but we’ll investigate and see if there is a problem there and try to fix it.



I just started to use Glasswire, but I used Networx before.
I will also check for this situation, but at the moment everything looks fine



I too am using Networx, and Glasswire showed me the same problem regarding high CPU/RAM usage, but I believe it is caused by high bandwidth applications, especially those with really a lot of connections, such as torrents, because this only happens when I use torrents. If my torrent client is not downloading anything, both Glasswire and Networx behaves.

Are you using any high bandwidth applications?



Sporadically throughout a typical day, mostly torrents. But I know Networx is well-behaved even with sustained high bandwidth use, and that’s including all traffic on my LAN, because Networx is normally monitoring a mirrored port from my main switch.

I’ll have to see what happens to Glasswire with high bandwidth and Networx not running.



using BWMeter on my end and seeing high CPU usage as well as high I/O rate as well. though as has been mentioned this only happens after a while.



Would like to report that with the latest beta, so far I barely see any increase in CPU/Memory usage for both Networx and Glasswire. I’ll let my torrents run for the day and report back since this is only for a few hours, but for now, Good Job guys.
Looks like I’m back to using Glasswire again :smiley:.

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That’s great news, thanks!



Earlier today I reported that the Glasswire service is doing a ton of I/O:

I did a bit more digging, and found that closing Networx stops all that I/O. So there’s definitely some kind of unfortunate interaction.



We will try to reproduce this and fix it, thank you.



GlassWire is using a local connection between the GlassWire service and GlassWire application. However, local connections do not affect the network therefore we are not consuming network bandwidth.



This issue isn’t about Glasswire consuming network bandwidth.

The original issue was that when Networx was also running, the Glasswire service used a lot of CPU, while Networx would use a lot of memory. That issue seems to have disappeared with a recent update, which is great - thanks!

However, another (possibly related) issue has arisen: when Networx is also running, the Glasswire service does a lot of I/O. The I/O in question is not network traffic but file I/O. As I said in the other report, the problem goes away when Networx is stopped.

Here’s that other report:



We’re unable to recreate this Networx problem on our end but we’ll keep trying to figure it out. Can you tell me details about what OS you are running? If you already posted this before I apologize for asking again. Also if it’s private info you can email our “bugs” email on our contact page.



I’m now running Glasswire 1.0.35b on Windows 8.1 64 bit. I’m using Process Hacker 2 to monitor processes, and that’s how I’m able to see how much I/O the Glasswire service is doing.



Please excuse my ignorance, is jrivett speaking about upload/download or is it just the computer talking to itself? The reason I ask is that I have satellite and limited bandwidth.
Thank you for any information.
May you have a good day.



Are you referring to my most recent observation that (for me, anyway) running Networx with Glasswire causes the Glasswire service to do a lot of I/O?

If so, I can tell you that this I/O I’m observing appears to be local to the computer running Glasswire/Networx. It’s not generating additional network traffic.

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jrivett, thank you for your response. My computer knowledge is extremely limited, so I must sometimes ask what may seem to be very simple questions.
May you have a good and safe evening.

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I also use Networx and it takes up a lot of memory, someone help me with



GlassWire or Networx uses a lot of memory? How much memory usage are you seeing?


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