Potential to flourish into something amazing!

A quick story about how I discovered GlassWire:
I am a network administrator/engineer, having effective and fine grain control is of the highest of priority to me.
When I’m out on the field I use a macbook pro (No, this isn’t a request for GlassWire for Mac). On that macbook I use a software called “Little Snitch” and for years I’ve been looking for something similar that I could use on Windows. The user experience and granularity of control, ease of use are mind blowing. I could honestly say its probably one of the best written pieces of software I’ve ever used, on any platform. Why am I telling you this? I stumbled upon GlassWire on accident when scouring the interweb for something, anything that has a close resemblance to Little Snitch. GlassWire is gorgeous and I think it has the potential to jump in and fill the shoes for an INCREDIBLE firewall application.

My requests are simple, I hope they be considered somewhere in your build out timeline:

  1. Allow/Block in notifications (possibly more granular options like, protocol, domain, etc & for how long).
  2. Disable/Enable LAN monitoring/firewall.
  3. Rules
  4. I can probably go on forever… :stuck_out_tongue:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like some high quality feedback/have more questions!


A very impressed user.


I am quite happy as things stand in Glasswire I would not want it turning into a typical MS app which is controlled by the "trusted " installer.

Thanks for your feedback. We’re working on a major upgrade that should be out this month. The update will have some of the features you’re requesting as a paid upgrade. We hope you’ll consider upgrading and supporting future GlassWire development.


Super excited! More than happy to pay for a solid feature set :smile:


The latest on Win 10 is that a new protection system as they cal it is to be built in I think its in the next update . This means that only MS signed and approved apps will be allowed on it. This has caused some upset on the business IT websites as many apps will be blocked while it may be a good thing in MS,s eyes it will mean for the user even at a "administrator level " changes to Win 10 will be severally curtailed personally this to me is just another step up in complete control of your PC. You will of coarse be required to log into Windows online for a MS account as a local one wont let you install MS,s apps . I wonder if Glasswire will be effected not that I will ever install Win 10 from Win 7 next stop in 2020 will be Linux Mint. Also being introduced is facial recognition as that will use a lot of memory from your video card -how will that help.hinder Glasswire on peoples PC,s

Hello Duncan,

I haven’t tested Windows 10 in awhile but the last I heard is that GlassWire worked there. We already sign GlassWire with our own certificate so I don’t think it will be a problem with Windows 10.

Facial recognition sounds kind of creepy in my opinion, but then again I work for GlassWire so maybe I’m more paranoid that most people. :smile:

I will check out Linux Mint!