Probable Bug in Alerts Signaling

Glasswire signals that file HOST has changed but it’s not true

Thank you for your report. When you say the host has changed can you be more specific what host changed and how it wasn’t true so we can recreate this bug?

Sorry if I’ve not been clear enough.
Glasswire signals with an alert that the file HOSTS (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) has changed.
This is not true. File last modified date has not changed. Opening the file in an editor, I’ve been able to confirm that it contains no changes.


Interesting. I will report this to the team. Are you using any other software that may be using your host file? What OS are you using? Are you using any other network related or security related software?

OS is Windows 7
AV is McAfee Viruscan Enterprise

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I am having same issue. Once was right around when I opened in an editor, although didn’t change. Second time was when I was when my computer was one, but I was away, so no idea why that happened.

I am also running McAfee Enterprise and windows 7.

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I get the same issue when using the Cisco AnyConnect 3.1.03103 VPN client on Win 8.1.

The hosts file change gets logged twice in GlassWire upon connection but nothing upon disconnection.

The 2 logs happen upon:

  1. The VPN authentication window pop up, and
  2. Successful completion of the VPN connection (or if I cancel)

Pretty sure I have gotten the same log before when not using the Cisco AnyConnect client but can’t recreate that now, even with other VPN clients.

I do not use McAfee but Emsisoft Anti-Malware and MBAM.

We will try to recreate this, meanwhile you can disable host alerts in the settings under “security”.