Problem With Install version 1.0.30

Hi All Bro

Im Change Windows And Install New Version (Update)

Photo Information And Screen From Error :

Windows : 7


Ram : 4Gb

VGA : 2

Labtop : Hp

https://cdn.anonfiles. com/ 1415819490433.png

Please Help Me :frowning:

Please try completely uninstalling GlassWire, rebooting, then reinstalling and let me know if that helps. Sorry for the problem!

Tnx Bro For Rep But :
I have not installed this software in new windows
This happened to a friend of mine that still did not solve the problem
Can you help me?

Please ask your friend to uninstall GlassWire, reboot, then reinstall. I think that should solve the problem.

The problem still is not solved :frowning:

looks to me like a problem with Windows installer…or some corrupt installer…what installer does GW use anyway?

For Me Error Installer :frowning:

if thats the case you may need to do is run a repair on your windows version…using the windows cd/dvd…or if its a custom build, then a windows recovery cd/dvd…

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Im Download New Version Windows 7 64Bit And Install From Flash Memory And No Problem With Windows

Else had the same problem with Windows

Hi All

Problem Resolved <3

im Change the Location From Regeon And Language Option To United State And Good Work :x

Please Fix The Bug To Region to Iran :x

Tnx +Rep