Problem with subscriptions console

Hi! I have a problem with subscriptions preferences. Check attached screenshot for more details. This issue is frustrating because I need do make some changes on my plan. Thanks for help!

Hi par, it looks like there was glitch in the system which has been solved in the meantime. Could you please try again?


I’m trying to buy a plan as well and have the same issue on two different computers! Please help my old subscription has expired and I don’t want to look for a replacement.


Hi @m0stly_harmless,

Please can you email to confirm the email address linked to your account?


Hello, now it work fine. But on “Plan” panel I don’t have any active subscriptions. This is strange because I have PRO version. My question is my PRO version is limited to only one year and will not automatically extends for next year?

Hi @par,
In that section you will only see the new plans purchased from the management console, if any. If you have any license key purchased previously you can just insert on the glasswire endpoint you prefer. This will be then displayed in the Endpoint section of the management console. Please drop an email to if you have any specific issue with your account.