Profile behavior


I’m very confused with the behavior of profiles and I’m hoping someone can help me out.

I have two profiles:
Default - normal at home usage, set to "Ask to Connect:
Mobile - for hotspot usage, blocks almost everything, set to “Ask to Connect”

If I have the ‘Mobile’ profile selected and a new program tries to connect, I get the prompt from GW and select ‘Deny’. Looking at the rules I see the program listed in the Blocked section.

If I later switch to the ‘Default’ profile and that same program tries to connect, it is allowed to do so with no prompt from GW and I find the program is listed in the ‘Active’ section.

My understanding is the profiles operate independently of each other - why do I not get a prompt for the second profile ‘Default’ which is also set to “Ask to Connect”.


Make sure after setting to default mode that you save your changes, otherwise it won’t prompt you to ‘ask to connect’. Hope that helps. :grinning:

Thank you for the reply. I’m on the latest version for Windows and I don’t see a way to explicitly save changes - there are no buttons. After changing the Firewall Mode for a profile, the selection itself shows a busy/processing animation and then goes away. I was assuming that the change was being committed at that time.