Profile switch progress takes time

I have two windows users, and for each of them I manually apply a Glasswire FW profile, the second user has a heavily limited FW list whilst the first user is pretty much open but does use the ask to connect function to only allow those apps that are granted.

Anyway, when I change from the heavily limited Glasswire profile to the FW profile that is very open, I have to wait like 4 minutes before it is fully applied, apps like Discord fails to connect for those couple of minutes before the connection goes through. Is it a bug that glasswire uses so long time to change profile, or is glasswire FW profiles such a little used function that it would have had a progressbar which showed the progress on switching between FW profiles if it was more popular?

Taking 4 full minutes is very unusual. Have you used other firewall software besides ours? If so, maybe their list is somehow interfering with ours. In that case you could try a clean reset with the firewall and start over.

I have only installed windows 10 and then glasswire, I haven’t touched anything else than settings on glasswire.
Glasswire got alot of different webbrowsers in its list as time goes on due to every new version being added to the list, does one need to reset the list in order to keep glasswire fast?

No list reset should be necessary for our firewall switching to remain fast.

How fast is the PC itself? Is it an older model, or relatively new?

You could try the following, but it should not be necessary:

  1. Uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs.

  2. Reboot

  3. Reinstall GlassWire and check the “reset firewall” option.