Provide a trend indicator: above or below the average

It would be nice if GW could indicate (maybe by an arrow behind the usage or by colour) whether one’s current usage is above or below the available average (data entitlement/duration) for the accounting period (and maybe by how much).

Say I have 1GB/month and on the 5th day of February I haveI have used 4GB
The daily average allowance would be 0.35GB but with 4GB/5 days I’m at 0.8 and thus quite a bit above that


Cool idea. Is this for Android, Windows, or both?

With Windows if you go to settings and choose “Data Plan” you can make a plan to keep track of your usage.

I’m only using the Android version. and it should do that in the notification as well as wherever it shows the usage (maybe even a line that shows the average allocation available per selected time period (and maybe even one that shows the average remaining after calculating over/underuse in the time since the beginning of this period)?