Puzzling Unsigned Applications

I don’t know what to do about this.
I have little warning triangles next to the GW Score.
Many Microsoft apps are tagged in ‘blocked apps’

Blocked Microsoft Apps:
Windows Modules Installer Worker [blocked]
Defender Bootstrapper [blocked] - dozens of line items with identical version numbers
Windows Maps [blocked]
Device Census [blocked]
Microsoft PDF Reflow [blocked]

I have several dozen other programs including perhaps all games installed by Steam.

Given how so many applications are unsigned, it seems that this is no longer actionable information.
This is a concern, but it’s unclear how Glasswire Users are supposed to use the information.
Could you perhaps write a script to create an list of (for example) Microsoft applications that are unsigned then send this to Microsoft with a request for more information. It’s possible Microsoft removes signatures for applications when they are superseded in which case they should be updated or removed. This would be valuable information you could incorporate in the Glasswire app.

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