Question DD-wrt and Glasswire

I don’t know which is the problem. I’m seeing a large discrepancy between my data usage. Wrt shows 2x more incoming data than Glasswire does. As far as I can tell, Glasswire data total matches what I know I’ve downloaded from the data size. Upload is the same. Anyone else running DD-wrt. I’ve also checked my wifi devices with program call Webwatcher. It shows only my devices on my wifi network.

They are probably measuring different usage:

  • DD-WRT measures all data transfers at the router. This includes all devices on the local network.
  • GlassWire measures the data transfers for just the device it is installed on. So how are you measuring data usage at the other devices on the local network?

There could be other problems but there is not enough information to diagnose other issues.

P.S. DD-WRT records data usage by ip address. So maybe you meant that you are comparing the GlassWire measure with the DD-WRT measure of data transfers for just that one device.

Yes, the only data passing through DD-wrt when I have check is my primary computer. Other wifi devices are online, without any data use. Say I download a 1Gig file. Glasswire shows 1 Gig. DD-wrt shows 1.5 Gig. I ran into this by chance one day after a file download size didn’t match what the router showed. I install Glasswire to verify what I was seeing. Can’t finding anything about this sizing error.

It isn’t a GlassWire problem so I’d ask for help in the DD-WRT forum and check out their FAQs and other information.

Did you install DD-WRT yourself or did you buy it preinstalled by the router vendor? If you installed it yourself then I’d check compatibility, check for updates, and then maybe try reinstalling it.

Is your router on the list of routers supported for DD-WRT? Notice that some of the routers on this list are not fully supported.

If you need to reinstall it, then another option could be to use a more user-friendly router likeGargoyle. Gargoyle is designed to manage data quotas and priorities.

DD-wrt is very cool software!

Meanwhile, here is a Blog post that can help you test GlassWire’s accuracy.

Personally I’ve had issues with DD-WRT and data usage in the past, I typically just disregard it as most other things are rock solid in comparison to stock firmware on my WRT 3200ACM.