Random vibration at 8.30pm every night

Every night at 8.30pm my phone would randomly vibrate for a few seconds. A long vibrate, not like a short one when receiving a text. Nothing shows up on my screen.

I checked the Android system notification log and the culprit is GlassWire. Every night at 8.30pm, the app is vibrating the phone for no apparent reason.

Does anyone know how or why this is happening, and how I can make it stop, short of deleting the app?



I have never heard of this.

Could you send us a screenshot of the notification log? Did you have a “new” application access the network at that time?

I don’t believe our app has the ability to do a long vibration, but perhaps the logs will help if you can send them?


Sounds can be added to notifications in the Settings so it is possible that GlassWire is producing this:

GlassWire for Android menu
Notification Settings
High or Urgent have sound

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I check the log immediately when I get the long vibration and the only app there is GlassWire

Hi, @softbanana55, I think that @Ken_GlassWire actually wants to see a screenshot of the notification log or a copy of the full log entry because it will help him to confirm the app name, the notification type, the notification time, and the notification settings.

Heres an example of a log record using the free Notification Log app from hcilabs:

  "packageName": "com.glasswire.android",
  "postTime": 1569942523497,
  "systemTime": 1569942523628,
  "offset": 46800000,
  "version": 16,
  "sdk": 28,
  "isOngoing": false,
  "isClearable": true,
  "when": 1569942523494,
  "number": -1,
  "flags": 0,
  "defaults": 0,
  "ledARGB": 0,
  "ledOn": 0,
  "ledOff": 0,
  "ringerMode": 2,
  "isScreenOn": true,
  "batteryLevel": 97,
  "batteryStatus": "charging",
  "isConnected": true,
  "connectionType": "wifi",
  "hasAppointment": false,
  "isGroupSummary": false,
  "actionCount": 0,
  "isLocalOnly": false,
  "people": 0,
  "tickerText": "GlassWire",
  "title": "First Network Activity",
  "titleBig": "",
  "text": "3 New alerts received",
  "textBig": "",
  "textInfo": "",
  "textSub": "",
  "textSummary": "",
  "appName": "GlassWire",
  "priority": 0,
  "nid": 5,
  "key": "0|com.glasswire.android|5|null|10028",
  "visibility": 0,
  "color": -16463661,
  "interruptionFilter": 1,
  "listenerHints": 0,
  "matchesInterruptionFilter": true

Many phones don’t provide access to the log without developer options being enabled. From memory, Samsung and LG don’t. So which are you using and what version of Android?

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I’ve tried to reproduce the long vibration notification but I only managed to produce a longer vibrate by changing the “SIM vibration type” setting on my dual SIM phone.

It only got to be what I would describe as a long vibrate when two alerts came together. But that was at most two seconds long so I’m unsure how a 3 second vibrate could be set without installing an app to enable it.

I was using my phone at 10.10pm and got the strange long random vibration again. Checked the logs and it was GlassWire. Attached the log info

The notification is titled “Data Plan” so deleting the data plan in GlassWire should remove such alerts:

  • In GlassWire app
  • Select hamburger menu at top left
  • Select “Data Plan”
  • Select three dots at top right
  • Select “Delete Data Plan”
  • Select “OK” to confirm delete

But I think that there are two unusual features of this notification:

  • the notification log in the screenshot indicates no vibration when you are getting a 3 second vibration
  • the notification title is shorter than those I see as in this screenshot of the alert list. Do the alerts show in GlassWire?

Why would I delete the data plan when this is the only reason I use the app?

I suggested deleting the data plan settings because the reason for the notifications didn’t appear to be understood, e.g. if you didn’t setup the data plan.

But if you meant that GlassWire is not working properly then what is going wrong?

  1. Are the data plan usage alerts not being calculated correctly?
  2. Do the data plan notifications not have a corresponding alert in the GlassWire Alert list? Is that why the screenshot doesn’t show the 10.10pm notification you mentioned?
  3. Do the Android notifications not appear on the pull-down Notification Bar?
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