Rdp usage in lock down

hi there
i have been using ur software while on my server req RDP connection
one time i click on lock down i lost connection rdp and glasswire as well i couldnt get in expect redo the server on the back end
is there away this wont happen again/?


RDP requires a network connection and our “lock down” mode disconnects everything connected. If you’re worried maybe just switch our firewall to “off” completely?

Also, we use the Windows Firewall API for blocking so if you have an accidental block there should be some ways with Windows to get the connection back. I will try to find some more details online for anyone in the future who could potentially have this issue.

ah so i lockdown cant be use at all on windows vps?
if i use glasswire to connect will still be able use remote connect to glasswire on lockdown?

Lockdown stops all network activity so it should not work with RDP or anything else that requires a network connection. This mode is for home users with physical access to their PC.

I have never seen any complaints or warnings about this from others but perhaps we should consider a warning in the future if people will use this often on remote PCs.

yes thank, warn them while choosing block all option in firewall
i understand it now about those option now wo thinking locked my self out oif my vps, yes it should be use on home use
i use on vps as well

oh shoot i didnt realize using 2.0 firewall not free anymore?

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Our software free/paid feature set has not changed since December of 2017 I think.

We will consider a warning, thanks for your feedback.