Realtek PCIe GBE family controler problems

Glasswire alerts me that the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller keeps installing then uninstalling. It happens several time a day. Could somebody tell me what this device is and should I be worried that someone is remotely messing with my computer?

do a re install
that will fix the problem i am pretty sure about it

We haven’t seen something like this reported before and we’re unfamiliar with that software unfortunately. What kind of device does that software come with? Perhaps we can get a version of the software and try to recreate the problem on our end.

I Googled this Realtek device and it sent me to their site where I looked up what this was and it said that it’s a driver that remotely wakes a sleeping computer and allows the person to access files remotely. Since Glasswire alerts tells me that it’s being added then removed within the same minute, I don’t know whether to be worried or not. This might be a totally benign process. Still the fact that something that wakes my computer remotely is trying to install itself on my computer without notifying me does give me pause.
Thank you.

Does the Realtek website have uninstall instructions? Perhaps uninstalling would be the best option if you aren’t using that feature.

This is actually what I like about GW it tells you all the changes that happen on your PC. MS for example remotely wake up your PC for various installations or removals . I have stopped it as I like to know what is done on my PC .MS can install stuff on your PC even if the "trusted " installer has been stopped by other means . BUT many hackers also use this service to install malware thats why I stopped remote interrogation of my PC if you check Services you will see a whole range of programs that can change settings on your PC Remotely. Many people like this service as they can play games and change settings on other PC,s and on visiting an actual Hackers website they were boasting of the list of programs that could take over your PC one hacker was boasting he checked out his girlfriends PC and found she was cheating on him I wont say what he did as it was illegal even I not a member could download some of them . AS I said many times -MS is full of backdoors because MS like to stop you from making changes to your PC so hackers can now do what MS can do.

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@ nunyo:
You should open your Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Properties and under the Power Management tab, uncheck “Allow this device to wake the computer.”

If paranoid, you might also check your motherboard BIOS and disable any setting for “Wake On LAN” or WOL.

Judging from your post, you don’t need that wake function. Note, this will NOT affect any other remote or background services you might rely on or be subject to (malicious or otherwise) except in that they can’t run when your computer is “off.”


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