Realtime packets and active android

Hi all, I love the app it is really interesting. I wanted to see why my wifi icon had up and down arrows constantly on. I don’t know if you can get realtime packet data. I seem to have much uploaded by the android system and services. So 1-cant i see realtime packet data. And does anyone else have similar constant data transmission?


Our Android app can’t get real-time packet data.

It’s because Android is super strict with apps now and if we tried to collect that data the OS would kill GlassWire pretty quickly. Details about that are here

However, we have considered adding a button you can press and hold down and grab host/packet details that way temporarily. Since you’d be actively using our app we think the Android OS would allow our app to continue to run and not kill GlassWire while it collected that data temporarily.

Do you think that would be useful?

It’s normal for apps to use data all the time to send back telemetry along with all types of data. Creepy isn’t it?

Thank you so much for your reply Ken, yes it is incredibly creepy what we may give away unwittingly. Your explanation is great and the idea of a realtime view even if as on touch and with limits imposed by android would be really useful.
The android app get 5stars from me for its practical use, great graphics and great support.
Many thanks and the app is staying on my phone :slightly_smiling_face:

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