Realtime Traffic Display


Lately I have noticed that sometimes when I view the Firewall Tab I do not see any hosts accessing the Internet even though I know that there is traffic going in and out of the computer. Whenever I notice this lack of traffic being displayed on the Firewall Tab, I find that restarting the Glasswire service and allowing the GW program to reconnect to the server fixes the problem and I can see realtime traffic and hosts again every time I check it thereafter.


Is this a testing version, or a public one? I will report it to the team but I wanted to confirm the version number. Thanks!


Sorry, I did not see this response until just now. I think it is a Test version: In the GW About box, it says, “2.1.140,” but the Windows Control Panel Programs and Features Tab says, “2.1.144.” Would it help if I attached the Glasswire.log file? Or is that only useful for the screen size/position issue? I have not seen the screen size/position problem at all since using version, 2.1.144.



Please email our helpdesk a screenshot and log file with details, thanks!


I sent screen shots and details to the “help” address earlier today. Thanks.