Realtime Traffic Display

Lately I have noticed that sometimes when I view the Firewall Tab I do not see any hosts accessing the Internet even though I know that there is traffic going in and out of the computer. Whenever I notice this lack of traffic being displayed on the Firewall Tab, I find that restarting the Glasswire service and allowing the GW program to reconnect to the server fixes the problem and I can see realtime traffic and hosts again every time I check it thereafter.

Is this a testing version, or a public one? I will report it to the team but I wanted to confirm the version number. Thanks!

Sorry, I did not see this response until just now. I think it is a Test version: In the GW About box, it says, “2.1.140,” but the Windows Control Panel Programs and Features Tab says, “2.1.144.” Would it help if I attached the Glasswire.log file? Or is that only useful for the screen size/position issue? I have not seen the screen size/position problem at all since using version, 2.1.144.


Please email our helpdesk a screenshot and log file with details, thanks!

I sent screen shots and details to the “help” address earlier today. Thanks.

Here is an update on the Realtime Display issue: I have been using GW 2.1.152 since it was released on 02/18/2019. There are still times that I see no realtime traffic on the Firewall Tab after starting GW. To fix this, I go to the Windows Services interface and restart the Glasswire Control Service. After GW reconnects, realtime traffic works again.

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You see no data only on the Firewall tab, or do you see no data on our Graph tab also?

I had only checked the Firewall Tab previously but did not think to check the Graph Tab as well. It turns out that after reading your reply, I checked both the Firewall Tab (there was no realtime traffic being displayed at that moment either) and I also checked the Graph Tab (set to 5 minutes). There was no data recorded on the Graph Tab either, during the previous 5 minutes. Then I noticed there had been no data recorded by the graph at all, since right after I started the system and network around 1230 UTC. The Graph Tab showed periodic Alerts throughout the day, but no data was recorded. So, I opened the Windows Services GUI and restarted the GW Control Service. That was a few minutes ago (around 1945 UTC). Now, all data displays on both the Graph and Firewall Tabs seems to be functioning normally since restarting the service.

Hi, I have checked even farther back in my data history. It now appears that there is at least one period of time each day for about the past week or two during which I know I have been using the computer and yet no data was recorded for those periods, similar to the “No Data” region in the above screen shot. Most commonly, the data “blackout” period seems to start soon after the system starts in the morning. Usually, the computer sits idle for an hour or more after I start it up, before I log in and do any work on it. I have theorized that since I have not yet logged in, the GW Control Service goes on an extended break, or something like that. The data display will resume after I restart the GW Control Service or reboot the computer, but not if I simply close GW and restart it from the Start Menu. I hope this helps.

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I spent a bit of time today writing a script that restarts GW Control Service upon my actually logging in to the computer to see if it helps with the continuity of data recording. I will let you know how it goes.

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Interesting! I look forward to seeing your results on this.

Hi Ken,
My initial observation this morning was that automatically restarting the GW Control Service when I log into the machine (after the computer has been idly waiting at the login prompt for some amount of time without a login) successfully started normal data and traffic logging. Looks good so far. I will let you know if I notice any deviation from this result.

I am attaching some real interesting screen shots showing my changing Unlimited History display following a restart of the GW Control Service. Thanks.