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It would be a great help if there is an option to allow or deny internet connection request just for once and re-ask again whenever it requested again




Thanks for your feedback. We are working on improving this window with some options like this.

Would like to see something which shows more information and has more options, more like this: Feature Request - Firewall Permissions & Ruleset controls

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I second that request.

I also second this request. With Ask to Connect feature enabled, it would be great to not continually be asked if the same app can connect when you have already clicked deny a couple dozen times.

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I think @Technologist is asking for an option to continually be asked if the same app can connect over and over.

Currently GlassWire should only ask you one time if you should allow/deny a connection. If you are experiencing GlassWire asking you over and over about the same application perhaps this is a bug some users are experiencing. If so please try our beta listed at the top of the forum with a clean install and let us know if it solves this for you. Your testing would help us a lot so we can confirm why some users have this problem, and it’ll allow us to release a fix faster.

Also, go to GlassWire’s firewall and check if the app GlassWire is asking you about is actually the same application. To see this click on the app’s icon to find its Path on your hard drive.

What I’m asking for is to be able to remember or “not remember” the choice I’ve made for any app alert.

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Thanks. I understand now.

I like @Glasnet proposal…

OK, I installed 2.0.81, and the problem is resolved. :laughing:

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@Glasnet, @Ken_GlassWire: I like this also because I ask for this feature yet on July ("Ask to connect" enhancement). Hoping to see it soon on this great sw.


I’m glad it’s working now! :slight_smile: