Remembering the Custom Time Period

On the Usage Tab, doesn’t GW have a way to remember a frequently-used custom time period between sessions? I may be missing something but I am unable to find how to do it. It is sort of inconvenient to have to redefine a custom time period each time I am in GW. Thank you.


Are you talking about our Windows or Android software? Thanks for your report and feedback.

Hi Ken,
I am using the Windows GW version 2.0.123. It would also be quite useful if the time period’s “end date” could be maybe a system variable like “Today,” so that the custom date range would not only be remembered between sessions but could also be complete through today’s date without having to continually adjust the dates in each session. Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback. I have reported this to the team so they can recreate the issue.

Hi Ken,
I think it might also be useful information to know that I shut down both my computer and network each night.

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