Renewed Subscription But Still Don't Have Prem Features?


I auto-renewed on April 5th and Glasswire still is operating on the free version/I have no access to the paid features. I’ve forwarded my proof of renewal to It also appears that I was charged twice according to my Google Play acct.

Also, I never received a pw reset email for my acct (after several requests), just signed up again.

Please advise.

Regarding the double charge on your Google Play account, that must be quite concerning. I suggest reaching out to Google Play support directly to inform them about the situation. They should be able to help you with any billing discrepancies and provide the necessary assistance to resolve the problem.

As for the password reset email, it’s odd that you haven’t received any despite making multiple requests. Sometimes, emails can get lost or end up in spam folders. It might be worth checking your spam folder just in case. If you still don’t find any password reset emails, it’s a good idea to contact Glasswire’s customer support team directly. They can guide you through the account recovery process and ensure you regain access to your account.