Reproducible crash / corruption with a large number of connections

I don’t think this is a bug, I think it’s just a limitation but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Basically if you use something that creates thousands of unique connections (say, a DHT crawler), you’ll eventually completely kill Glasswire’s service requiring deleting data / clean reinstall

There’s a few extra steps just because of the example program that’s being used.

  1. Download and install Go from

  2. Compile p2pspider from a Powershell prompt by running go get

  3. cd $env:USERPROFILE\go\bin

NOTE: the following step will download NSFW metadata - yes, metadata only
4. p2pspider.exe -p someport -d somepath (empty folder somewhere with ~200mb of free space, open UDP port)

Leave that running for about an hour (?) and glasswire will become unusable (try clicking on the usage page). I also managed to get a message coming up saying the service had crashed but I can’t reproduce it.


Email our helpdesk with a link to this thread. I can send you a beta to test.

If you are using unusual p2p software that contacts thousands of hosts simultaneously you can turn on GlassWire’s Incognito mode (top left menu in GlassWire), or disable DNS resolving.

To disable DNS resolving create a “glasswire.conf” file with your Notepad application.

Inside the GlassWire.conf text file created by Notepad please insert this text.

hostname_enable_nslookup = false

Please move the .conf file to C:\programdata\GlassWire\service

Reboot your PC.

Now the problem should be fixed. This .conf file disables GlassWire host lookups.

For downloading the NSFW metadata, I think we are a bit scared to try it ourselves. :blush:

Hi Servo_GlassWire.
I saw your reply and thought this could be good for me in regards not to showing “hosts” traffic, in sites i visit through my browser. So i had a look in C:\programdata\GlassWire\service I have noticed there is a file called glasswire.config in that file there is a line “hostname_enable_nslookup =true” I changed this to false and then rebooted but Glasswire still shows browser host traffic. Can you shred any light on why this might be? Thank you…


The setting keeps the hosts, but it just does not resolve the hosts. Sorry for the confusion.

We are working to add a new version that doesn’t log hosts at all, or allows you to make certain apps not log hosts.

Thanks for the info.
Can’t wait till that feature, then i can leave Incognito off! :sunglasses:

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