[REQ] Notice about ask to connect

Hello,i would like to give my feedback about that feature, please bare with me.
I installed 3 freeware apps,i run 3 apps for first time under glasswire’s inspection,all are asked by Ask to connect to allow or deny,everything’s fine so far.When i granted access to all of them,i had to re-run the new setups or re-run my first attempts on the internet of my already installed apps again.This is frustrating because i know the right behaviour of other safety control apps like antimalware,antivirus,guards etc. that when you grant access then the program can run afterwards with no problem instead of repeat the process of installing/running etc.
That’s my notice and i hope that in the near future you can make it function like this.
With respect and with no intention of insulting/arguing with the devs of the app, you’re doing great job so far and you should make this app touch the perfection,this was my suggestion,thank you for listening.

Thanks for your feedback. I’m not sure I understand though, are you saying we should have the ability to choose “This time only” and other options for Ask to connect or am I misunderstanding?

here’s a simple example,i run a new program setup,it asks me to allow or deny,i grant access,then the setup stops and i get an error message that it can’t connect to server,or the setup isn’t finished,messages like that,so i have to re-run the setup again to succeed,i hope i got understood now.

Ah, I get it now. Temporary you can switch to “Click to block” mode while installing things to solve it, but we’ll brainstorm and see if there is a solution to this problem. I am annoyed by that sometimes myself.

i should add that not always i have to re-run some apps/setups,some may succeed,but most of them fail