Required windows 10 services


hello, i have some extra services disables, may i know what services are required to run glasswire so i can enable them ?

it keep saying connecting to the local server



If you go to the top left menu and choose “about” what version of GlassWire are you running and what OS version?

Has GlassWire ever worked for you, or is this your first time using it?

GlassWire should work after it’s installed. If you are missing something it should tell you it failed during the install process.


Well, as Glasswire is a GUI for the Windows Firewall, “Windows Defender Firewall” (MpsSvc) needs to be running. By extension, Remote Procedure Call, Remote Procedure endpoint mapper, and DCOM Server Processes launcher need to be running as Windows Defender Firewall depends on them.

Windows Defender itself, and the security center do NOT need to be running. I keep these services disabled and glasswire runs just fine.


When I update to 2.0 it required some services that are related to remote access. I said nope and found a later version on a different website.



GlassWire has no services that require remote access. Please only download GlassWire from and check our hash on that download page to be sure you are downloading file that actually came from us.

Unfortunately many sites advertise GlassWire for free and distribute malware/spyware to try to get our customers to install it to their PCs.


@Ken_GlassWire not to mention PUA’s (Potentially Unwanted Applications) and PUM’s (Potentially Unwanted Modifications).


Your should never disable any of your services. There’s no real benefit to do so, and you don’t see any real improvement in terms of memory being freed. Service optimizations are a myth.

Service “optimizations” debunked.

Other computer myths.