Resize dialog windows

I searched for this first to see if it’s been brought up already but didn’t see anything. Maybe I didn’t search long enough. Anyhow, is there a work-in-progress to allow resizing of dialog windows? For example, when you see an entry in the firewall section, on the right side there is a little rectangular button that says something like “+99 more”. When you click on that, you are shown a relatively small popup dialog with a scrollbar. It would be real nice to be able to resize the window to make it easier to visually scan over the listed data.

Otherwise, so far, I’m pretty happy with the software. I used to use a Mac most of the time and have missed Little Snitch’s abilities. This gets me pretty close.


Thank you for your feedback. For 2.0 we will allow users to make the dialog boxes text larger, depending on their Windows settings. We’ll look at somehow allowing the actual dialog boxes to be larger.

Perhaps adding a search feature would also help with this problem.