[Resolved] Glasswire and Windows 10 Remote Connection

You can see the complete problem report related to this question here:

I’ve seen by reviewing forum posts that Glasswire is running on Windows 10. My question is whether anyone is running a Glasswire remote connection with Windows 10 running on the remote machine? Related is whether both the Glasswire client and the Glasswire server (remote machine) are running Windows 10?

If the answer is yes to either of these, did you need to make a configuration change in Windows 10 to allow the remote connection to be established?

Any help would be appreciate. The thread I inserted above has much detail about how I have not been able to get a remote session established with two different Win10 servers. Win10 is also on my Glasswire client.


Just to clear this question, I have since resolved all issues I have with Remote Connection and Win10 is not at issue.

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