Respct time format set in system settings

The system has its so called regional settings where a user can set in detail what time number date etc. formats he wants to use.

why not use that instead of any other thing set somehow in the software?

I am in germany and I personally dont really like AM/PM formats, and I am not 100% sure but I think in the 69 or whatever I had before it peoperly showed 24 hour format for me.


This issue has arisen for many of us users, e.g.

The response was:

GlassWire should use the OS time format. If it’s not doing so then it’s a bug. I’ll report this now, thanks!

I’ll try a reboot and tell more, but I wtfed when I saw PM in the alerts.

well one reboot later and nothing happened.

I recategorized this into help how, most suitable one for a bug)

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GlassWire has never used the OS date and time format on my computers.


We discussed this and we’re working on adding a setting now.