Running programs


When installing Glasswire, I chose the option that Glasswire would not be launched at system startup.

I notice that once Glasswire is stopped there are still Glasswire programs that are running (GWCtlSrv.exe & GWldlMon.exe). Why is this?

The GlassWire Control Service (Windows Service) GWCtlSrv.exe counts your data usage, and GWldlMon.exe lets you know when your PC is idle, so you can tell what network activity happens in GlassWire while you are away from your PC.

For example in the image above you can see the shaded parts of the graph when the user’s PC was idle.

We keep the GlassWire services running so GlassWire can continue to count your data, even if you stop our user interface. If you don’t want GlassWire to count your data I’d recommend going to our top left menu and choosing “Incognito”. If this mode is on GlassWire stops keeping track of your data usage. You can even run “Incognito” all the time.

Most people use GlassWire to keep track of their network activity for their phone or PC, so it’s critical GlassWire counts even if our user interface crashes or is quit by malware, etc…

Thanks for your feedback on making GlassWire completely stop running (and no longer function at all) when its user interface is stopped. Or perhaps we can add this as an option.

Thank you for your feedback.

I stopped the PC and restarted it.
By using the tasks manager, I see that these 2 programs are running even though I chose the option that Glasswire would not be launched at system startup.

It is not possible to attach files in the forum ?

The forum allows no attachments.

As explained directly above the behavior you mentioned is normal and expected. Sorry for any confusion and thanks for your feedback.

PLS how to use sound :roll_eyes: Thanks

GlassWire has no audio options.

it doesn’t matter without sound Thanks :kiss: