Same software asking for connection approval all the time?

So I am using the “Ask to Connect” security feature, so I have full control over what gets bandwidth and what not. While in principle I love the idea, it seems that I often need to give the permission to the same software, which “connects for the first time” all the time (probably caused due to a software update or a new connection source). I have multiple examples of such, but in general (I am not singling out AMD in this case, I am just providing it as an example, I have multiple others like Microsoft Edge WebView2 who do the same):

[I am a new user and I am not allowed to post links, but using these codes you can access the imgur pictures in question]:



Would love to know how I can resolve this behaviour.

Hi Johnny_Walker

It could be due to a software updates which would change the software version number. Maybe see if that is the case with changing version numbers. We know Microsoft edge updates quite bit.
I know office click to run always asked when updating Microsoft Office.

Indeed, the software update is one of the reasons, I indeed suggest so in my initial post. What I want to do / have is to give permission only once to a specific software (regardless of its version or where it connects to) and that is it. Is there a way to do so? Otherwise my list of permissions gets way too cluttered with the same software e.g. I have Citrix at-least 30 times and AMD at-least 20 times, making the GlassWire Protect interface very unwieldy.

Hi Johnny_Walker

Understand yes i think this has been asked a few times before in the forums.
Lets hope it can be implemented in the future. Would be good to have two options.

  1. As it is currently, for me i like to be notified each time.
  2. Always automatically give permission once you have allowed specific software.

Just my thoughts

Thanks for the feedback GlassWare! I also hope this will be implemented soon, as currently I am most of the time simply reapproving all the same software’s all the time.