Save only names of devices in the 'Things' tab

Is there a way to remove all of GlassWire’s firewall related data and rules, but keep just the configuration of the manually configured device labels in the ‘Things’ tab?


There is no way to do that at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I will share your feedback on this idea with our team.

When is the functionality coming to export/save the device labels that have been configured on the ‘Things’ tab? This is something that should have been added ages ago.

You often tell people to do fresh installs, but you currently provide no way to export/import the device labels. What about people who’ve spent a lot of time and effort naming all their network devices – you can’t expect them to do clean installs if you provide no way to save all the labels associated with each of the devices.


It’s too bad that the GlassWire team don’t care about this. There’s still no way to export and import the mappings of MAC addresses to Labels on the Things tab. I had to fresh reinstall and now it’s been a major hassle to re-label all my devices again whenever they join the network for the first time.

Shame on you.

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