Scammer downloaded GlassWire to senior's computer. What can they do with it and how do I remove it?

Hello, my elderly neighbor got the scam call from a “Microsoft technician” who said his Microsoft Office needed to be renewed at $599USD and the Scam Scum would need to access his computer. My poor neighbor fell for it hook, line and sinker – gave out his credit card numbers, his bank access card, the works. (Scam Scum kept claiming the credit/debit cards were being declined and asked for other ones.)
I’ve been trying to help him sort the mess out, cards canceled and replaced, but while dear neighbor understands now he shouldn’t have given out that info, he still believes the $599 Microsoft renewal transaction was legit. The reason is the money was taken off his credit card (couldn’t stop that charge) and there is a new icon on his desktop --it’s a GlassWire icon, but he thinks it’s his Microsoft Renewal.
My question is – is there anything more the scammer can do to this poor man, having downloaded it onto his computer? E.g., spy on him, see his files, track what he does? I have no doubt GlassWire is a lovely product in the right hands, I just need to know if I should be worried about how it’s being used. And if it’s okay for me to just uninstall it and how. Which he is pissed about me wanting to do, because he paid $600 for it, lol!

Wow, that’s terrible!

Unfortunately anyone can download and install GlassWire for free, and they get our free trial. I guess the scammers took advantage of this and installed a few apps on the computer of the senior, then charged them $599.

If this happened in the US I’d suggest reporting this to the FTC Tech Support Scams | Federal Trade Commission so they can investigate and take action immediately.

Also, see if it’s possible to do a chargeback on the charge by contacting the bank of the senior who was scammed. It would also be interesting to know what the charge showed up as on the credit card statement? That might explain who is behind this scam.

This same situation also happened to someone in my family and they unfortunately were unable to get the money back.

As far as the person having spyware on their PC after this… unfortunately I think it’s possible. If it’s reasonable to do so I’d suggest reinstalling Windows on that machine.

With GlassWire itself, the most they could use it for would be to review the user’s data usage stats, but if you uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs then they won’t be able to do that anymore. You could also see if there is a remote connection in GlassWire’s settings.

How to reinstall Windows:

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I just got a crazy idea! If you look at the beginning of GlassWire’s history on that PC you can probably see the IP of the person who was remotely connected to the IP, and see what ISP they use and what country they are in.

That could be useful data to send to the FTC also!