Scan multiple networks


I have 2 networks at home:

  • LAN1
  • LAN2 192.168.bbb.1/24

My PC is in LAN1, all my other devices are in LAN2.

I install Glasswire on my PC (LAN1). How do I setup Glasswire to also scan LAN1 + LAN2 ?

Kind Regards
Wim Teuwens


Thanks for your question and feedback on GlassWire.

GlassWire can only scan the LAN for the device GlassWire is installed on is connected to. For example, if your notebook is on LAN1 then GlassWire can only check that one.

Or am I misunderstanding something? If so I apologize.


Thanks for the answer.

I definitely must be able to scan multiple networks.
I have GlassWire on my android phone and that’s perfect for LAN2 with all my other devices (printers, TV, Consoles,…),
Can I use my phone as ‘Remote Server’ on my PC in LAN1? Do I need 2 licenses then ?

Kind Regards
Wim Teuwens


Glasswire on phone is not able to scan network, only phone traffic (mobile/wifi). So scratch that question :wink:

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Right. Unfortunately our Android app has no “Things” scanning ability yet, but we hope to add it someday.