Search Application

Just giving the heads up on Search Application on Win10 Pro. My search app was connecting to Government web sites. I don’t know why it was doing that but I blocked it. You might want to check what your Search App. is connect to.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Why do you think it was government websites? What government?

Hi Ken_ Glasswire, RE: Search App. The Host had .gov in it. FBI here in my home town, CIA in Dallas, Texas, NSA in Washington State( Not really sure on that one) and the one in Saudi Arabia. I can’t remember the exact lettering but I knew what it was. They are like our CIA. I had 175 Host plus 233 more that wasn’t listed but only the first 4 were Government Websites. The App has been very active lately and I have been suspicious of it. It shouldn’t be connecting to that many sites and it keeps updating also!

If you click the small three dot menu after the host (when mousing over it) and when you search it, does it show the same info? Perhaps our nslookup is somehow wrong?

It’s the menu that looks like this: (…) You can use this menu to double check the host to make sure what you’re seeing is correct.

If it was me I’d probably wipe the device and reinstall Windows, or just get a new device. That’s quite strange behavior.

Yes, it the shows the same info. I don’t think anything is wrong as far as the NSLOOKUP is concerned. Well, I got it blocked so it shouldn’t give anymore problems. I’ll be checking for any open ports with Kali linux and close all but 443 and 80. I hope that doesn’t interfere with Glasswire. I don’t know what port it uses.