Search box and others suggestions

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Could you add a ‘search box’ (search as you type) to filter the applications in the firewall list? It would be much convenient. I’ve seen it has been suggested long time ago by others users, but not implemented.

  2. Could you create an intuitive function so filtered applications can be grouped? For example: there are several application linked to 1 program that I usually want to block, but I need, from time to time, to use this program (or update it) and give it internet access, but it uses several executable. Groups would make management more easier (system processes, MS application, security software, Application group 1, etc.).

  3. As far as I know, system processes such as “Host process for windows services” (svchost.exe) are used by several windows executable or services. Could you add a function so we can know which services are using svchost.exe? I know there are small freewares doing this (I found: CurrPorts, SvchostAnalyzer, TCPview), but it would be much more convenient and a good improvement for security if Glasswire could help to read/detect what are the processes/services behind “Host process for windows services”.

  4. Last but not least: I receive several warning when windows starts because “Microsoft ISATAP adapter” as been added. It’s nice that Glasswire can detect when devices are changed or added, but it this case a believe it is an usual behaviour caused by Windows. I do not want to switch off such kind of alert but in this case the alert is a bit annoying since there is nothing unusual, I guess.

I am an happy Glasswire user, thank you for making firewall easy to use and so clear! For the first time in my life I have the feeling I can really see and control my computer’s connexions and easily block all I want without creating complex rules (and even your forum is clear as crystal! :thumbsup:)


Thanks for posting!

  1. We’re working on some kind of search for hosts/apps, etc… I agree it would be useful.

  2. We are already working on this for 2.0 and we call it “profiles”.

  3. We have this on our todo list also.

  4. Do you know why this adapter keeps getting added/removed? That sounds annoying, I agree.

Thanks for your kind words and feedback!

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Thanks for your reply!

Here is what I found concerning “Microsoft ISATAP adapter”:

The ISATAP #9 is related to Internet Protocol 6, which can cause issues with devices that don’t use it and can safely be uninstalled as most networks today still use IPv4.
To remove IPv6 and all of it’s associated devices:
Go into the properties for each network adapter, wired and wireless, and either uncheck the box next to Internet Protocol 6 (TCP/IPv6), that will disable it, or select it and click uninstall, which will remove it off the computer. Then go into device manager and remove any 4to6 adapters, WUN miniport adapters, or ISATAP adapters. Then reboot your computer.

I have remove IPv6 from all network device (I did not use IPv6 anyway) and now I do not receive alerts from Glasswire, it seems ok!
(my system is Win7 64bits home edition).

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Hearty +1 fir Suggestion #3!

But you have disabled IPv6 and feel happy about it?

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Yes, I have disabled IPv6 (for some security concern) and I’ve never met any trouble or limitation caused by this so far, so I let it disabled for years now, without any problem. I guess you only need IPv6 if you want to create or join a local network.

came here to second this… after using Glasswire for half a year, the list of apps and things is soo huge… finding things has become cumbersome.

Please implement a search!


Yes a search would be very useful!


We are actively working on a full GlassWire search, but please note the firewall already has a search at the top left if you look for the hour glass icon.