Search Online Feature

When I try to search online from the right click menu for anything, it says no results found no matter what I try. Is this a problem or will it only search certain items?

Hi, are you trying to search the online database of IP addresses by left- or right-clicking on the three dots to the right of any IP address. An example is shown in the screenshot below:


That IP address of 2407:7000:cdcd:52::1 is one that will return “No results found” in the online search at

As you can see GlassWire correctly identifies that IP address is in New Zealand. So it might be a bug that the database lookup shows nothing further. What do you think, @Ken_GlassWire? It shows up in other databases.

Anyway, you can confirm that the feature works correctly by choosing a host that has a static IP address, prefereably a well known one like Google DNS which is 2001:4860:4860::8888

FYI, GlassWire also allows you to manually type or paste IP addresses by appending them to the URL

There are other IP geolocation databases you can search e.g. MaxMind

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Thanks Remah, I am still trying to learn to navigate around with the program.


I will ask why that host does not get any results. Is it a local address somehow? @Remah

Doesn’t seem to be…

Additionally, here are some decent IP Address Info / Threat Intel Info sites:

No, it’s not local or private. It’s one of a pool of addresses used by my ISP.

I checked on MaxMind because I thought your were using one of their services. It does have a record which is accurate except for being out of date because the company was taken over.