Seeing an "Elite" upgrade offer more than once?

If you are a paying GlassWire user, and you recently upgraded to GlassWire 2.0 and you are seeing a special “Elite” offer more than one time it’s not intentional.

We would never want to show the offer more than one time, and we apologize.

We intended for this offer to appear one time only. We think it may be related to bios changes people have made to their PCs due to the recent Intel bug. Please note TheVerge has a guide to help you apply these patches due to the Intel bug if you have not heard of them.

Please also note this offer was on a timer, so you should not see it again after Monday even if you do nothing.

If this problem is happening for you repeatedly and you need it fixed before Monday, please email me with a link to this thread (along with your OS version info if possible) so I can personally fix it for you.

We somehow missed this with our quality assurance testing and we apologize for the problem. Obviously we know our users hate ads and this was not intentional and we’re embarrassed this has happened to some of you.

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The timer should have this turned off around 1PM EST, then it will not appear again. Again, we apologize for the problem and if you have any issues after 1PM today email us details.

Update. This offer should be over now. Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “Exit” then start the application again.

If you close it and it appears again past this day/time email me the details and I’ll fix it immediately. I apologize for the problem.

If the offer keeps appearing make sure your Date/Time control panel are set to the correct day/time if possible.