Set alarm for tethering

Help please … Android … Paid version…
I need to set an alarm for Tethering.

Example: I start a hotspot for my kids and I decide I’m going to give them 1GB of data for the day. I’d like to assign an alarm directly for “Tethering”, seperate from all else.
I do see where I can click to see how much tethering as been used daily, weekly, monthly, etc. But I need an alarm so as they approach the limit I set for them, alarm time so I can turn it off. Heck, even an option to auto turn it off at a given limit would be better than nothing.

Can you help??

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Thanks for your feedback.

You could just make a 1GB data plan for the day GlassWire Android Data Usage Manager & Firewall Help. We don’t have data plans per app (or tethering) but we appreciate your feedback and we’ll discuss this idea.

Actually, I just figured it out. Set an alarm just as you normally would. Then go in and and select “Zero-rated apps” and select all, in my case I had to select 190 of them, EXCEPT for “Tethering”.
There. Done. And as long as I just disable the alarm and not delete it I only have to select all those apps once.
Feel free to share my “how-to” with others

Wow, I didn’t even think of that! I hope others will find this useful and perhaps we can make this easier in the future.

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Hey in closing, if there was a button for “select all” and then just find and click one app to un-select it, that would save a ton of time when setting up several alarms.
There are heavy data hitters that I am going to set various alarms to, Facebook 1GB, YouTube 1.5 GB, Tethering 500MB, etc. This will take me about 40 mins, just guessing. With a select all button I could set 5 alarms in 1 min.

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