Should clicking on any host's flag icon show an IP address for it?

Hi GW,
It seems like clicking the flag icons of the hosts on some of the GW Hosts lists (notably the ones I mentioned in an earlier question about inconsistent sorting order) also does not result in the display of an IP address for that host. Should it? It would be great if it did!

Thank you for the additional assistance. And thank you for this great program!

Thank you for your feedback. Perhaps we should show hosts on the flags in the future so it’s less confusing.

Hi Ken
Thank you. I think it would be ideal to see the IP information upon hovering over any of the flags with the mouse. It would be really excellent if the IP address text was selectable/copyable as well, for pasting into a WHOIS app. Is that what you had in mind? It turns out at present there are some flags that yield selectable IP info upon clicking on them but there are still quite a few that have no IP information available at all. I haven’t been able to figure out a pattern for which ones do and which ones don’t have info.