Should I Reinstall Windows? Unexpected Facebook-Related Network Activity

Hi everyone,

I recently stumbled upon a puzzling situation with my PC and I’m seeking some advice. While browsing on Twitch, I noticed that my computer was connecting to unknown IP addresses. I’m aware that there are services that can run on websites, but what’s particularly concerning in this case is the appearance of a “Facebook” banner on these unknown IPs.

When I try to visit these IP addresses directly, all I see is this Facebook-related content along with a copyright notice. This is perplexing and raises security concerns, especially since a WHOIS lookup on these IPs does not indicate any direct association with Facebook. It feels like something fishy might be going on.


I’m not sure if this indicates a security breach or some kind of malware. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Should I consider reinstalling Windows?

Any insights, experiences, or suggestions would be immensely helpful.

Thank you in advance!

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Before you start the major job of reinstalling Windows, have you run a full scan of your PC?

Thank you for your suggestion.
I’ve already run comprehensive scans with the HitmanPro Virus Removal Tool, Kaspersky Pro, and Windows Defender’s offline scan, and nothing malicious was found.

I’ve also created a memory dump to analyze it with vol/Volatility, I’m not sure if I have found some evidence other than those connections. I’m beginning to suspect that my Chrome browser might be compromised, especially since I’ve recently also started experiencing more frequent tab crashes while browsing, which wasn’t an issue before.

Thank you for the recommendation. I appreciate the guidance towards the MalwareTips Forums.
Also, I hadn’t considered Norton Power Eraser yet. I will definitely give it a try.
I’m just really nervous about these unknown IPs connecting to my PC. I hope it’s just an overreaction or something, but it’s really making me a bit anxious. :upside_down_face:

Hi, h678
If you have done all these scans, one would think your PC has no malware. Maybe clear out all browser history, cookies, cache etc. Even TEMP files.
I don’t think you need to reinstalling Windows.

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