Show traffic by country

We currently have some features that make us capable of seeing traffic usage summary separately based on software/service, hots, and even traffic type.
But we don’t have any functions that give us the capablity of calculating traffic usage based on a specific country.
For example, I want to know how much traffic I have used for Spain (downstream and upstream), etc in the last 24 hours.


Thanks for your feedback. I encourage you to post about this in our “features” thread here Future Feature Requests! also, so it’s not forgotten.

One reason we didn’t add this is because today with content delivery services sometimes host country data isn’t very useful. For example I notice sometimes Microsoft updates come from outside the US even though I’m in the US, but it’s actually from a US company (Microsoft).

Please let us know more details about how this helps you in your post so we understand how it might work and how it’s useful for your situation. Thanks!

Please accept my apology because of the delay in response.
I know about CDN Services; please let me clarify my request.
In some countries, like my country (Iran), ISPs have special rules and plans to calculate internet traffic.
They separately calculate the local traffic (data that you use inside the country or registered hosts), and global traffic (data you use outside of the country or non-registered hosts).
Because of this, we need a solution that is capable of showing us the amount of data we spent inside our country and the amount we spent outside.
That’s why l suggested a feature that can show hosts and or traffic separately by country.