[Showing False reading] through system.exe

i had glasswire installed for about ~30 minutes

and i have an speed of 20/1 mbps soooo it isn’t possible for me to even upload all that data.
im monitoring traffic flow through my router and windows task manager and it isn’t showing this data.


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found an older (can’t post link to new) thread. . It is not windows 10 torrenting. A. i turned off to test, B. No traffic actually left my computer.

@Arthur_Vardevanyan That’s weird. I don’t recall GlassWire reporting false data, what was the thread where you saw that?

Could it be local traffic? Go to that “options” menu and check the data type.

Also it would be interesting to see what host that data is going to, but don’t share it to the public if you don’t want to. Is it anything suspicious?

won’t let me post link heres a pic

i think this is what you wanted.

I figured it out.
God damn this sucks tho.

I have 2 partitions on my hard drive
one for os one for storage

i have a a File History folder which is shared as a network drive. on my pc. ( only way to have file history on the same drive as windows.) so my when my PC copies files from my C partition to my F partiton, (both of which are on the same hdd therefor same computer) , something is registering it as over the network, which causes glasswire to display it, even tho nothing left my computer.


I expect that traffic to show as Local and not External if it only travels on your subnet:

Local traffic is usually caused by computers talking with each other on
your local network or your computer communicating with your local

So what Hosts or IP addresses are being used?


hhmm, even then its not going over the network, just from one partition to the other.

I’ll report this to our dev team and see if they have some ideas how this is possible. I have never seen this reported before. Are you sure it’s actually just data between partitions or could it be a printer or some other shared network device that’s available locally? If we knew the hosts it might help us figure this out, perhaps you could email us some screenshots to help us investigate and fix it?

Lots of our users use different hard drives and we have never seen this reported before.

i don’t think it’s a fix you can do, i think it’s a windows thing. When i get home, i can show you pics of how i set up my file history. My guesss even tho folder is on the same computer, it is mapped as a network drive which smoeone makes windows think its network realted. in my pic you can see its equal upload as equal download.

Oh, I see. Yes, if it’s mapped as a network drive then I think GlassWire’s behavior is technically correct and there isn’t anything we can do to solve that.

But why does it count as External rather than Local?

Maybe it’s IPv6? It’s difficult to tell local from external with IPv6 currently.

@Arthur_Vardevanyan, what are the Hosts and Traffic Types for that System external traffic?

It is showing it’s a local ipv6 address. ““fe80::ad4f:2353:b230:b0b””
If i get an ssd for my boot in the future it should go away hypothetically.

heres my setup

everything is on this computer, nothing leaves or comes.

That is a link-local address so I’m surprised that Glasswire does not count it as Local. I thought that either the “fe80” prefix or subnet masking would allow you to determine that this on a local subnet.

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I’ll report this to the dev team, thank you.

@Arthur_Vardevanyan Could you email us https://www.glasswire.com/contact/ and make the subject “forum false system.exe”? Our dev team made a custom version of GlassWire to test so we can fix this problem for you.

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Under Email Glasswire, Which one should i use.


@Arthur_Vardevanyan Any of the email addresses on the contact page are fine, the one you suggested is fine also. Thanks.