Shrink Database


is there a way to shrink the glasswire database?
On one of my boxes it has ~440 MB and this seems to create problems - the glasswire service takes up to 15% CPU.
The file is on a SSD and my CPU (i7-2600).


You can clear your history by going to your GlassWire settings. Does that help?

I already tried that but had no luck.
The size of the database did not change.

Please try completely uninstalling/reinstalling. Improving resource usage is a top priority for us and we will improve this in the future.

Just delete the files, it works a-okay.

Thanks for your help. I solved it by removing the Glasswire DB.
I was hoping for a solution which let me keep my old records - maybe in a newer version this gets fixed :wink:

It will take awhile but we’ll solve the problem with future releases over time. Sorry for the problem.