Simple, but illusive question

Simple question: How do you log OUT of glasswire? I am logged in under an email I no longer wish to use.

I’ve even been sent a new activation code and link to the beta.

I’ve installed it, and entered the activation code. I was hoping that would solve the issue of getting frequent on screen messages to log in.

So, I went to log in, under the account tab in the beta, and it says I’m already logged in, but under the wrong email.

I simply want to log out under that email, and log in using a different one. Seems simple, so I must be missing something.

If you can explain how to fix this for me, I’d greatly appreciate it.



Hi Pittviper,

Thank you for this post. Many users can take advantage of this topic, as the transition to our new subscription model is currently taking place.

Indeed, there is a new GlassWire version, which includes an online Management Console, where the user can manage their subscriptions more freely. You can access it from the Account tab under Settings, click on Manage Account (top right).

Keep in mind that the new and the old versions differ in the way they operate the user database. The new one uses online account the user creates, while the old was using activation codes.

From this beta and on GlassWire will offer an account registration (by email) and an online Management Console, as the one you access through the Account tab in the new GlassWire version.

The old mechanics used an activation code that had to be purchased. Some of those will remain as legacy accounts with the option to introduce your “one time fee” legacy code under the Account tab.

The support team will be more than happy to help. Please let us know the emails you have used for both your old and your new registrations, by sending an email to support at

Best regards!