Since installing glasswire update, email does not work (solved)

I installed an update to glasswire yesterday on my laptop, now it does not get email on one of my email accounts, if I send and email from that account, it doesn’t show an error, but the email does not go out.
Both accounts are on gmail, the one works one doesn’t.


What client do you use for Email? Can you give more details about what you are doing exactly with your email, what software you use and how it’s set up?

If you switch GlassWire’s Firewall tab to “off” does it solve it?

What mode are you in with GlassWire’s Firewall? Are you using two firewalls at once (maybe another firewall application with ours)?

I’m using the windows10 email client.
I’m only using Glasswire.
I haven’t tried tried turning off Glasswire yet.
But, This email did come into my account. I’m not sure its working fully after 24 hours, but I’ll check it out, and if not I’ll try turning off Glasswire.
I’ll let you know, Thanks.

Ok, Thanks for the response, but it is now working again??? After I got your email in that account, everything came back. Wierd!!

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I’m glad it’s all working now. Perhaps it was just a coincidence.

GlassWire has no ability to block hosts, or block one email account. Our firewall can only block one full application. We cannot block parts of an application or one email account.

In case another GlassWire user ever reads this in the future, one way to rule out GlassWire with an issue like this is to go to our firewall and switch our firewall to “Off”. If it’s off then it should be unable to block anything and it’s unlikely your issue is related to GlassWire.