Since update 2.0 steam doesn't work anymore

Steam network seems to get blocked by the firewall. Although I don’t block steam, I cant lock into my account and connect to the stream network. Even if I turn the firewall off, it doesn’t work.
BUT If I turn another firewall on which automatically turns windows firewall of … well then everything is fine and Steam works as it sould be.
With “Glasswire 1” I didn’t have this problem…
Any solutions???


If I understand correctly it sounds like you are not using GlassWire 1.0 from Steam itself, but instead you’re using GlassWire 2.0 from our website. And the 2.0 version of GlassWire from our website does not let Steam work for some reason.

If you install this beta of GlassWire 2 after uninstalling your current GlassWire 2 version, then rebooting, Try the GlassWire Windows 2.0.81 beta! then choose “clean uninstall” and “reset your firewall settings” while installing does it fix it?