Smaller network speed/quota display in customizable notification

I’m surprised for a monitor this advanced like GlassWire to not have a smaller, customizable notification where a presistent display shows network speed or quota etc.

The screenshot I’m showing here is comparing to another app by the name Network Speed by Evoki, where they have a customizable bar there around 1/3 of the size of GlassWire’s. I wanted the bar to be dark to fit the theme I’m using, and always stickied on top (which is what GlassWire is doing now but not NetworkSpeed) so it’ll be separated from actual notifications.

Is there any way to implement this feature, I’ll be willing to upgrade just for the extra discreet display. Thanks!

edit: spelling, thanks Fleksy


GlassWire has this feature with all Android versions but Pie. Do you use Pie?

Google disabled the API we use for the speed meter so it no longer works. We’re working on a major rewrite that will be out in late summer or early fall, and the speed meter should be back then.

I use Oreo thankfully, haven’t updated to Samsung’s One UI yet.
But what I meant is displaying remaining quota in a smaller, shrunken notif bar like this.

Seeing “GlassWire - Data Plan” like this seems like a waste of opportunity for smaller info viewing.

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Thanks, we’ll keep this in mind for the update.

If we don’t add it then it’s because the Android OS guidelines don’t allow it, or don’t recommend it. If we go against the guidelines we have found the feature won’t work for many Android phones and it becomes a support nightmare… so we always try to meet all Android OS guidelines and recommendations.

The update we’re working on will have all the latest Pie guidelines and latest tech, so it should be ready for future Android updates like Q, etc…

Thanks for your feedback and patience while we work on bringing this feature back that we call the “speed meter”. I miss that feature also.

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Not just a speed meter, but a “quota meter” that is more important to me, I feel ya having to follow the Pie guidelines, hope the next update will be good :ok_hand:

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Thanks, I’ll share this idea with our team. Meanwhile we’re a bit locked in on our features but after the update comes out we’ll be able to start adding new features again.

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