Software update notifications non-existent! :-(

Thank you for answer!

I recall seeing similar “auto updates coming in the next update” notifications in 2018 posts!

Will this ever happen?

It already has happened several versions ago, back in October. I’ll show the changelog where this was introduced. They’re also working out a few minor bugs, which is to be expected with how widespread GlassWire is.

Version 2.3.359 - (October 25, 2021)

Hash Full # 602E47B981C87833C50827FDDA4A65181545F34200294D5F52B3A1A2CB447D76
Hash Lite # 60B7341C668012A66965A5D34FE92FBBC5AF158DFBB551D968F4C09931209804
  • GlassWire can now auto-update new versions without having to manually download updates from our website. Be on the lookout for update alerts, then allow or reschedule the updates for later. Thanks for your feedback in our forum where your requested this important feature.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.