[SOLVED: AWAITING FOR UPDATE] GlassWire Does NOT Protect (from termination) it's Process and it's Service


I like your firewall more than Zone Alarm (which I uninstalled after 7 years to install GlassWire) but seriously… How will this protect me if it cannot protect itself? Two DOS commands are enough to shut it down. Please tell me that this is not true (and there is an option I don’t see) or that you will fix it soon because I really want to keep it.


Thank you for your feedback. If someone has access to your PC to run DOS commands then your computer is already compromised, am I wrong?

If someone has access to your PC why can’t they uninstall the other software you speak of in add/remove programs?

Thanks for your fast answer.

Well I can give you a few examples… Someone may not has physical access to my PC but it is possible from them to be able to execute a program via JAVA App or via ActiveX or from CD/DVD autorun or from USB autorun or through a bugged Windows Service.

So if they disable your firewall they can do whatever connection they want without me to notice that. Thats why almost every antivirus and firewall protect themselves (eg. Zone Alarm, AVAST antivirus etc) and they also protect the “add/remove programs” from which they ask admin rights to remove them and you cannot uninstall them via dos commands.

Once again I m telling you that your firewall is great but please include what I said at your next update (it is less than 20 or 30 lines of code, but it will improve program’s security).

So my suggestions are these:

  1. Protect your folder C:\Program Files (x86)\GlassWire from changes or even from access
  2. Add a check on GlassWire.exe to show a message when the application size is not the original (which will mean that it got changed by an intruder)
  3. Protect all your executables and all your services

Let me know if I am wrong and keep it up!!!

You can also run your Windows account where it is not admin and it protects add/remove programs. This is an OS feature and doesn’t have anything to do with GlassWire.

GlassWire takes advantage of Windows admin features in its settings where you see the lock icons.

Please try to change our application, service, or size and you’ll see there is already protection there. I’m not sure why you think there is no protection.

I was wrong about suggestion 1 and 2 but I insist that noone should be able to kill the GlassWire.exe and its services.
Here is a picture of me trying to kill avast with admin rights…


it is impossible to terminate it even if you want to.


Thank you for your feedback.

Just to be clear, GlassWire is not an antivirus and if someone has access to your PC they can pretty much do whatever they want.

We do have some reasonable protections in place, but we don’t stop people from stopping GlassWire on their own PCs because we feel the annoyances would outweigh the protection benefits. I could understand why an antivirus might have that feature though, but we do not pretend to be an antivirus.

Also, I think you can kill Avast using these instructions if you have access to the PC https://superuser.com/questions/894855/how-to-quit-avast-temporarily. You can see in this post how the software has caused a problem with this user’s computer and there is no way he can find to quit it easily, and how he has to ask for help online to stop the process from running.

We don’t want to put our users in a position where GlassWire could have an error and the user cannot quit GlassWire or restart it.


Thank you for your answer,

I just sent screenshot from avast because I do not have Zone Alarm anymore. Zone Alarm Free Firewall which is a firewall has the same protection aswell.
And of course anyone can stop avast (from its own control panel or by uninstalling it from add/remove programs [after they give avast’s password of course]). If you have a firewall or antivirus means that you want to have it. If you get 100% cpu usage from your antivirus, you chose another antivirus).

(PS: I can understand if you prefer to give us the option to quit whenever we want but i totally disagree because java apps and activex and autoruns can terminate glasswire aswell.)

Thank you for your time


Thanks again for your feedback. Perhaps we could offer an option for this type of protection, but have it off by default so people would not get stuck with it on somehow if GlassWire used too much CPU, etc…

Unfortunately no program is perfect and they can cause unexpected problems and I think our customers would not want to be unable to kill our process if they were in the middle of doing some work and our app had an error or used too much CPU.

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Perhaps we could offer an option for this type of protection, but have it off by default

Yes!!! thats great… give us the option (but with our own risk) so if someone turn it on means they accept the possibility of crash or of restart!!!
I am waiting for it at your next updates then!!! Thank you again and keep it up with the great work!!!

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